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Intelligent Computerized Battery Meter

  • Calculates % Charge & Time Remaining
  • Voltage & Current Display Mode (shown)
  • 16 Character LCD & Flashing Low Battery LED
The ICBM provides the information you need to know about your rechargeable batteries. Like a trip computer does for your car, the ICBM analyses the performance of your battery, determines the state of charge and calculates the time remaining before the battery needs recharging or replacement. The Voltage & Current Display mode provides even more information for evaluating the performance of your batteries and equipment. The Low Battery LED checks the charge and time remaining on your battery to insure you are always get enough warning of battery discharge.

Price: No Longer in Production

The closest product I recommend instead of the ICBM is the Wolf Seeberg Battery Watcher.
Click here for the Battery Watcher data sheet.

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