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Gaston Castano of Buenos Aries

This guy is a good customer but he totally gives me the creeps.

Jerry Franck (Steadicam) and Bob Dubiel (Focus) try to stay dry in the rain

"BFD - the choice of Olympic Gold Medal Winners". Thanks for the photo, Jens!

Jens Schroeder and his BFD attend the Winter Olympics

Merantau Production Blog 10: Rumah Susun from Merantau Films on Vimeo.

Max Volokh, St. Petersburg

Milan Holec (Op) and Ricky Schamburg (focus puller) in Hong Kong on "Blood Money"

Jeff Muhlstock operating a BUZ with a ZOE zoom control

Alan Melbrech's 3 BFD Red rig

Rick Lewis (Op) and Ran Geffen (focus) on "The Mystery Jets" promo

Max Volokh (center), St. Petersburg, Russia

Edgar Colon, Operator and 1AC Abner Medina on "The One & the Others"

Daniel Sariano, Operator, and DP Ian Bloom with Red One camera on "Stick"

Top 1AC Todd Schlopy (center) chasing David Emmerichs on "Transformers"....

and keeping a close eye on Angelina Jolie on "Wanted"

DP Lukas Franz and focus puller Sebastian Geret with Swiss ABC Special Forces

David George Ellis on "The Hacking Chronicles"

"Why I Love Wireless: Because I got to sit on a nice calm 22' boat, while the Director, Dp, Jib op, and 3 clients were in each others way on the barge." - Chip Monk

BFD and rather gaudy stand.....
Thanks, Jens!

DP Nick Matthews, Louis Puli and 1st AC
Marie Pier on "2.37"

Bill Gierhart (left) and Bonnie Osborne (center right with BFD) taking a break with cast and crew on "The Shield"

Blythe Danner blows into Bill Gierhart's BFD Iris unit being used as a prop breathalyzer on "Huff" (Thanks to Marc Abernathy)

Traci Lords
Traci Lords (enough said)

Jens Schroeder (right), Steadicam Operator
with Focus Puller Alexander Joksimovic (left)
at 2006 Winter Olympics in Turino, Italy

Daniel Stilling
Dan Stilling and Paul Janossy filming 7eventy-5ive

Steve Fracol in Kansas City
filming "One Kind of Officer"

Peter Triviño in Buenos Aires,Argentina
filming "Peligrosa Obsesion"

Louis Puli in the cold & wet in
Tasmania on a Mitsubishi commercial...

...and in the heat in
Alice Springs on "The Alice"

David Allen Grove (in Steadicam), Scott Petitclerc
(center rear) & Taryn Freitas (with BFD)
Young Rome music video "Freaky"

Frederic Chamberland on the set of
"Memoires Affectives"

M-One motor from Loon Video
See it at

"So simple a chicken can use it!"
Photo courtesy of Matt Marek

Ozzie Silvera, Silvera Cinematography

Alec Jarnagin on "Sex and the City"

Steve Bellen, Chris Titus, Tim Bellen on "Titus"

Jonathon Herron, Vincent D'Onofrio, Rod Calarco on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

George Pattison, Eric Stoltz, Patrick Collins on
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

Ad Courtesy Australian Owner Louis Puli

Jorge Agero, Madrid, Spain

Mark De Blok, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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